Jack at the Horizon บางส่วนจากคำนำ

ได้ทราบข่าวจากคุณ เชษฐา ว่า แจ๊ค ณ ขอบฟ้า กำลังจะได้รับการแปลเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ

มีความคืบหน้าประการใด จะรายงานให้ทราบในลำดับต่อไป ครับผม

Foreword by: Lynne Mallinson, MA, writer, editor, translator
Author: Chestha Suwannasa

Welcome to the world of Jack, a boy from Thailand who dreams great dreams and has amazing adventures. This is a children’s book from an exotic Asian country that conveys a timely message for young people all over the world. It was written by best-selling author Chestha Suwannasa and has received the official commendation of the princess of Thailand.

Jack at the Horizon is an engaging blend of science fiction, adventure, science, pseudo-science, humor, and even a touch of post-modernism thrown in good measure. The story begins during a rather unevenful school vacation when strange sounds and flashing lights start issuing from a termite mound standing nearby a neighborhood shrine. Only Jack has the faith and courage to follow a mysterious blue-eyed rabbbit to the source of this disturbance: there, he discovers a bright yellow spaceship waiting to take him to distant regions of the universe. The spacecraft is none other than the “Warpy Ship”, which was designed by Jack’s future adult self, a being who lives decades away from “little Jack’s” present location in time.

On this journey that will extend through inner and outer space and time, Jack is accompanied by his friend Kwan, a member of a rival gang of local boys, as well as a monkey who has been saved from captivity and slaughter through two friends’ concerted efforts.

Jack at the Horizon introduces young readers to adult issues like wildlife preservation and the senseless horrors of war, but its depictions of daily life in a humble Thai village comprise its finest literary moments. The comical Uncle Ard and Auntie Daeng, who capitalize on the shrine’s bizarre sights and sounds; Saeng, the bullying and gluttonous gang leader; and the Indian uncle, who abadons the monkey to a cruel fate in order to resolve his marital problem: these are just a few of the quirkily realistic characters whose tales are interwoven with Jack’s voyage of discovery. Jack’s simple yet penetrating worldview is never simplistic; his experiences are tangy and fresh, with surprises at every turn. An unforgettable tale!

ยังเฝ้ารอ “อัลฟ่า โอเมก้า ไล่ล่าหาความตาย” ในรูปแบบภาพยนต์อยู่เช่นเดียวกันนะครับ

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